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Adoption Resource Library

Adoptive Family Training Pack (click here for packet)

Please make sure you read this material as you are preparing for your adoption. This is part of your training as adoptive parents. There is a lot of great information contained in this packet to help you become a successful adoptive parent!

Adoption Learning Partners

We have also been informed of helpful adoption online training through Adoption Learning Partners( such as: (recommended courses)


Becoming Your Child's Best Advocate

Let’s Talk Adoption

The Journey of Attachment

Open Adoption 101

Finding the Missing Pieces

Conspicuous Families (multi-cultural adoptions)

Web-sites A resource magazines and books for fostering families and families involved with international and transracial adopting. adoption A resource of adoption information including publications and tools on topics of adoption A forum of resources, talk forums, and connecting groups involving adoption

Adoption Web-Sites and Pertaining Articles

The Adoption Guide from publishers of Adoptive Families magazine a family magazine covering adoption issues and references

A newsletter for all members of the triad as well as foster care families. Compiled from articles and information from the main site,, the newsletter is sent out each Friday morning.

I Don’t Care If He Goes To Harvard, But . . . is a great fact sheet on parental expectations provided online by

The Center for Adoption Support and Education.

"Children's Understanding of Adoption: Adopted Children vs. Non-Adopted Children" is a free online fact sheet provided by The Center for Adoption Support and Education which looks at how children understand the concept of adoption at different ages.

Books on Adoption/ Explaining Adoption

The Adoption Resource Book by Lois Gilman

Successful Adoption by Stephen Curtis Chapman and others

My Journey through the Desert by Lori Fitch

Adoption Journeys: Parents Tell Their Stories by Carole S. Turner, Joyce Maguire Pavao While We Wait: Spiritual and Practical Advice for Those Trying to Adopt by Heidi Schlumpf.

The Complete book of International Adoption by Dawn Davenport

Adoption is a Family Affair! What Relatives and Friends Must Know by Patricia Irwin Johnston.

Black Baby White Hands: A View from the Crib by Jaiya John. Dr. John

Beneath the Mask by Debbie Riley, M.S. and John Meeks, M.D.

Adoption Lifebook, a Bridge to Your Child's Beginnings by Cindy Probst

Adopting:Sound Choices, Strong Families by Pat Johnston

The Chicken Soup for the Adopted Soul: Stories Celebrating Forever Families by Jack Canfield, Mark Victor Hansen, and LeAnn Thieman L.P.N.

Post-Adoption Blues by Karen Foli and John Thompson.

Twenty Things Adoptive Kids Wish Their Adoptive Parents Knew by Sherrie Eldridge I agree with some things in this book and disagree with others, but I still consider it a must read for adoptive parents because it opens our eyes to differing points of view.

The Open Adoption Experience - A Complete Guide for Adoptive and Birth Families by Lois Ruskai Melina

Making Sense of Adoption: A Parent's Guide by Lois Ruskai Melina. Anything by Lois Melina.

Raising Adopted Children, Revised Edition: Practical Reassuring Advice for Every Adoptive Parent by Lois Ruskai Melina. Another great book.

Real Parents, Real Children: Parenting the Adopted Child by Holly van Gulden and Lisa M. Bartels-Rabb.

Books to Help Prepare Children for the Adoption of a Sibling

  • Seeds of Love: For Brothers and Sisters of International Adoption by Mary Petertyl (2-8)

  • Things Little Kids Need to Know by Susan Uhlig (2-6)

  • Is That Your Sister by Catherine and Sherry Bunin (5-10)

  • My Special Someone by Brittany and Sherry Kyle (2-7)

  • Just Add One Chinese Sister: An Adoption Story by Patricia McMahon and Conor Clarke McCarthy (4-8)

  • My Mei Meiby Ed Young (2-8) Fantastic art work. Both girls are adopted from China

  • Jin Woo by Eve Bunting (4-10)

  • Emma's Yucky Brother by Jean Little (5-10)

  • Waiting for May by Janet Stoeke (5-9)

  • I'm a Big Sister or I'm a Big Brother (2-6) by Joanna Cole and Maxie Chambliss. These are not adoption specific, but since they don’t cover the pregnancy and hospital part of becoming an older sibling, they can be used by adoptive families. There is also a section for parents.

Books for Toddler/Older Child Adoption

  • Toddler Adoption: The Weaver’s Craft by Mary Hopkins-Best

  • Our Own: Adopting and Parenting the Older Child by Trish Maskew

  • Adopting the Older Child by Claudia L. Jewett.

  • Adopting a Toddler: What Size Shoes Does She Wear? by Denise Harris Hoppenhauer.

  • Nurturing Adoptions - Creating Resilience after Neglect and Trauma by Deborah Gray.

  • The Connected Child: Bring Hope and Healing to Your Adoptive Family by Karyn B. Purvis, David R. Cross, and Wendy Lyons Sunshine

  • Parenting Your Older Adopted Child By Brenda McCreight.

  • Another Place at the Table by Kathy Harrison--I loved this book.

Single Parents

  • Adopting on Your Own: The Complete Guide to Adoption for Single Parents by Lee Varon. This is an excellent resource for single people considering adoption. It helps singles with the decision- making process and maneuvering through the adoption process.

  • The Single Parent Resource by Brook Noel and Arthur C. Klein. Not specific to adoption.

Child Development/Parenting

  • by Mary Sheedy Kurcinka. Everyone of Kurcinka's books are great and this is no exception.

  • Heather T. Forbes, LCSW. This book and audio tapes based on the book can be purchaed at

  • by Dr. Beth Grosshans and Janet Burton.

  • by Foster Cline. Great book!

  • by Martha Sears and William Sears

  • by Martha Sears and William Sears

  • by Gary Ezzo and Robert Bucknam

  • by Blythe Lipman

  • by Heidi Murkoff

  • by Arlene Eisenberg

  • by Adele Faber and Elaine Mazlish. An oldie but goody.

  • by Mary Sheedy Kurcinka.

  • Parenting Your Adopted Preschoolar is a free fact sheet published by Child Welfare Information Gateway. It is designed for parents of 3-5 year olds. This resource will to help you understand your preschooler's developmental needs.

  • Parenting Your Adopted Teenager is another great free fact sheet published by Child Welfare Information Gateway.

Children’s Books about Adoption

*Tell Me Again about the Night I was Born by Jamie Lee Curtis

I’m Gonna Like Me by Jamie Lee Curtis

Emma’s Yucky Brother by Jean Little

How I was Adopted by Joanne Cole

Abby by Jeannette Caines

Adoption Is for Alwaysby Linda Walvoord

Adoption Stories for Young Children by Randall B. Hicks This is a book to help parents discuss adoption with their children and how their family was created through adoption.

Allison by Allen Say

All About Me by Lynn Burwash and Cie McMullin

All TogetherNow by Anita Jeram

A is for Adopted by Eileen Tucker Cosby

Being Adopted by Stephanie Herbert

The Best Single Mom in the World: How I Was Adopted by Mary Zisk

Carolyn's Story: A Book About an Adopted Girl by Perry Schwartz

Chinese Eyes by Marjorie Ann Waybill

The Chosen Baby by Valentina Pavlovna Wasson, Glo Coalson

The Day We Met You by Phoebe Koehler

A Family for Jamie: An Adoption Story by Suzanne Bloom

Heart of Mine: A Story of Adoption by Dan Hojer, Lotta Hojer

I Love You Like Crazy Cakes by Rose A. Lewis

Is That Your Sister? A True Story of Adoption by Catherine Bunin, Sherry Bunin This book is told from the perspective of a 6-year-old girl who is a member of an interracial family. She expresses feelings about being adopted and not looking like her parents and siblings and reminds the reader that adoption is only one facet of her family's life.

A Koala for Katie by Jonathan London

Let's Talk About It: Adoption by Fred Rogers

Little Flower: A Journey of Caring by Laura McAndrew Little Flower, a potted daisy who is neglected by her family, finds help and a new place to stay until the people she was living with can learn how to take better care of her. Includes projects to help the healing process of those in a similar situation.

Look Who's Adopted by Michael S. Taheri and James F. Orr

My Special Family: A Children's Book About Open Adoption by Kathleen Silber and Debra Marks Parelskin A workbook for children of open adoption to help them understand their relationships with their adoptive parents and birth parents.

Never, Never, Never Will She Stop Loving You by Jolene Durrant The story of a birth mother, Annie, and the baby she placed for adoption.

Pinky and Rex and the New Baby by James Howe Rex

This Is How We Became a Family: An Adoption Story by Wayne Willis

Through Moon and Stars and Night Skies by Ann Warren Turner

Twice-Upon-A-Time: Born and Adopted by Eleanora Patterson

Two Birthdays for Beth by Gay Lynn Cronin Beth's

Why Was I Adopted? by Carole Livingston

Star of the Week by Darlene Freidman

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