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Our Expectant parent services, also known as birth mother services, is close to our heart as adoptive parents. As the Director, and an adoptive parent of two children, I can only say that our children's birth mother's are loved and respected greatly. We continue to have the kind of relationship requested by our birth mothers, and value them as a part of our family.

We know this is a difficult decision for you. We understand that you love your baby and want to give him/her the very best chance at life. In your time of need we want to be there for you and help you through each step. We want you to know your baby will be safe, loved, and have a life that every child, especially your child, deserves. We want you to be the biggest part of choosing this life your child.

If you are looking for an adoption plan for your child, we can offer you personal assistance. We are a small agency that values each birth mother we work with and is devoted to giving you quality care. Give us a chance to show you our love and respect in the decision of your plan for your child. We provide assistance with your daily needs, doctor visits, medical filing, and more.


We are licensed child placing agency. If you are in need of an identified adoption placement, or you are still looking for your expectant mother, then we are here to helpyou through the adoption process covering social services with your expectant mother, birth parent relinquishment's, placement services, and post services. We also have many resources in helping you locate your adoptive child...Every child HAS a home is not just our motto, but our legacy.


This is our main focus and expertise!

Home Adoption Studies will help you face the home study experience with confidence and the excitement that should accompany the prospect of welcoming a child into the family. The best advice is to relax, keep a sense of humor and be yourself. We have been completing home studies since 2009.

Your home study provides an accurate portrayal of your family life, past and present. Our Self Assessment, found under the Forms section, will help you prepare for the first interview.

This process usually takes about 4 to 8 weeks and is used to determine your readiness for adoption. Because we are adoptive parents ourselves, we understand that the adoption process can be a stressful one. Our goal is to relieve some this anxiety by connecting you with our case worker to help you with your individual needs.



Domestic ICPC ready home studies, SAFE studies, Court Appointed custody home evaluations, Inter- Agency International Home Studies, and Embryo Adoption studies




Post placement reports are written after your child has been placed in your home. Home Adoption Studies visits you and your child in your home to observe how well you are both adjusting. These visits also evaluate and assess your child's adjustment, developmental milestones, and social skills since becoming a part of your family. The number and frequency of visits will depend on which state your adoption occurred in. Home Adoption Studies will communicate directly with your placing agency regarding the frequency of the post placements reports.




Court reports may be required for your finalization. They included a synopsis of your petition for adoption, the home study, and the post placements. They are usually court ordered.  

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