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Home Adoption Studies, Inc. is licensed in the State of Georgia as a 501c3 non-profit child placing agency. Our Mission is to prepare you in your adoption journey and see you through once you are home with your child. We are here to provide you with great care and our own experience as adoptive parents. 
Our staff is made up of professional, caring individuals who have experience in advocating, assisting and supporting children and families.  Our focus is to assist you by alleviating unnecessary anxiety and creating a more pleasant, smooth experience. Even though the home study is a state requirement, we want to build a nurturing relationship between you and us; a relationship that we hope will continue even after your adoption journey. As adoptive parents, we are here to put your mind at ease and assist you in reaching your adoption goals.

Home Adoption Studies services include:
  • Domestic Home Studies
  • Couples and Single Parents
  • Embryo Adoption Home Studies
  • Second Parent Adoption Home Studies
  • Post Placement Reports
  • Other Services- Child Placing Services/Birth Mother Services/Identified Adoption Services
Q: What is the difference between a Home Study Agency and a Child Placing Agency, and do I need both?
A: While we are a child placing agency; however, there are several reasons why families use separate home study and child placing agencies:
  • If the child-placing agency is out of state, you need an agency licensed in Georgia to prepare your home study.
  • Having a home study prepared by an independent agency ensures that you have the option of working with whatever child-placing agency or agencies you choose. You are not tied to using the agency that prepared your home study, for your actual adoption.
  • As in many other professional fields, it is always a good idea to have important work done by "specialists" - those with intensive experience and training in one particular area.
  • Your placing agency may not offer home study services or may not offer them in your area. 
  • Your agency may not relinquish your full ICPC packet needed in order to place outside of Georgia or outside of their agency, or they may charge an additional fee to do so.  
Look around our website and if you have any comments or questions, please feel free to contact us at 404-797-9881.
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